Meltdown Chair: Pe Pink

Chair: Meltdown Chair/Pe Pink Artist: Tom Price

Meltdown Chair: Bronze #1

Chair: Meltdown Chair/Bronze #1 Artist: Tom Price

The Cutlery Chair

Chair: The Cutlery Chair Artist: Osian Batyka-Williams


Chair: Bench Artist: Matthias Pliessnig

Meltdown Chair: Cable Tie

Chair: Meltdown Chair/Cable Tie Artist: Tom Price

The Feel Seating System by Animi Causa

Chair: The Feel Seating System Artist: Animi Causa

Makerchair Mesh

Chair: Makerchair Mesh Artist: Joris Laarman

Chairs For Abu Dhabi

Chair: Chairs For Abu Dhabi Artist: Tabashi Kawamata

Amber Chair

Chair: Amber Chair Artist: Jaeuk Jung

Ghost Chair

Chair: Ghost Chair Artist: Lonneke Gordijin & Ralph Nauta Place: design studio DRIFT.

Spaghetti Wall Chair by Pablo Reinoso

Chair: Spaghetti Wall Chair Artist: Pablo Reinoso

Meltdown Chair: Fleece Fur

Chair: Meltdown Chair/ Fleece Fur Artist: Tom Price

Chair sculptures by Bert Loeschner

Chair: Chair Sculptures Artist: Bert Loeschner

Sculpture Carbon Chair by Ventury Design Lab

Chair: Sculpture Carbon Chair Artist: Ventury Design Lab.

Meltdown Chair: PP Rope Blue by Tom Price

Chair: Meltdown Chair: PP Rope Blue Artist: Tom Price. The rope begins to liquefy as it comes into contact with the heated former and, as it cools, it sets in the shape of a seat creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining rope.

GVAL CHAIR by ooo my design

Chair: GVAL Chair Artist: ooo my design. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Exploded Chair by Joyce Lin

Chair: Exploded Chair Artist: Joyce Lin. The artist and designer is influenced by “ideas on inter-connectivity, isolation, and the ever-shifting relationship between humans and the natural world,” but also interested in creating functional, interactive and playful objects and sculptures. Read more:

Textile Moulded Chair by Studio Hausen

Chair: Textile Moulded Chair Artist: Studio Hausen

Stuhlhockerbank Bench by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz

Chair: Stuhlhockerbank Bench Artist: Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz

Mutation by Maureen Ceulaer

Chair:Mutation Artist:Maureen Ceulaer