Title: LAWLESS CHAIR Artist: Evan Fay Photo: Charlie Schuck See it on the web Description: Lawless Chair is a celebration of irregularity within a system, pursuing a more artful form that responds to the chaotic landscape within our structured society. The punk aesthetic within the chair contextualizes a poetic moment to reflect and voice through design, an attitude towards our hectically evolving environments and contemporary dilemmas. Taking ownership of truthful possessions, finding comfort in dystopia, and beauty in chaos may be a confronting reality, and opportunity to embrace new expressions in design.

RHINO CHAIR by Maximo Riera

Title: Rhino Chair Artist: Máximo Riera Website: Animal Chair Collection


Title: Breathing Artist: Wu Yu-Ying Description: A perforated foam chair that transforms its shape according to the body of the sitter

AUSLAUFMODEL by Alexander Nettesheim

Chair: Auslaufmodel Artist: Alexander Nettesheim Web::

URBAN PHILOSOPHY by Nissa Kinzhalina

Chair: Urban Philosophy Chair Artist: Nissa Kinzhalina Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan Web:  

PRICKLY PEAR CHAIR by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers

Chair: Prickly Pear Chair Artist: Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers Launched: 2009 Web: Made in the UK and Mexico City

HOLY GHOST CHAIR by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang

Chair: Holy Ghost Chair Artist: Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang Web: Photo by Zhiyi Zhou

CANAPE by Lila Jang

Title: Canape Artist: Lila Jang Web: